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Your Ethical Known Donor Matchmaking Resource

The Seed Scout is an ethical known sperm donor matchmaking concierge service for family planning. A known donor is someone you can interact with and get to know before the donation process begins. We have developed an extensive, personalized screening process for known donors so we can provide you with the best options that meet your families' unique needs.

White lesbian couple holding their baby conceived through a known sperm donor
Two parents cuddling with their known donor conceived baby while looking at a laptop.

Our Process

All of our clients receive a concierge service and tailored experience that matches their unique family-planning needs. We only accept a limited number of clients per month to ensure that we can provide you with a hands-on personalized experience.


Getting to know you is important to us. Our comprehensive onboarding process will ensure your goals are met.


We conduct your customized donor search and present you with a curated donor catalog and additional information and photos, including family photos, of your top choices.


Our seamless, step-by-step guidance ensures you have the logistical and legal resources you need to effectively move forward in your ethical known donor process after being matched with your donor. 

"Beginning what we thought would be an overwhelming journey became an exciting and manageable experience thanks to their incredible guidance and expertise."

- Stephanie & Elizabeth, NJ
"The Seed Scout is future children focused and provides the ability for donor conceived people to understand their genetic identity from the start. This is the way donor conception should be!"

- Lauren & Jamie, PA

"Buying through a cryobank is not for everyone, and I am so thankful the Seed Scout gives an option for a more personalized, thoughtful experience while making such an important decision."

- Danielle & Caity, VA

"Danielle, the owner, is incredibly empathetic and patient, guiding us through the entire process with care and understanding."

- Valentina & Cherese, PR

"The Seed Scout goes above and beyond so she can find the right donor to walking you through every step of the process after you have chosen your donor."

- Sarah & Miranda, TN

"We had been searching online through various sperm banks and feeling so discouraged...I don’t know what we would’ve done without The Seed Scout."

- Kristie-Lee & Jillian, MA

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