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Are you a medical provider or clinician interested in learning more about The Seed Scout process and company?

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The Seed Scout Gold Standard Clinicians

The following physicians or clinics meet The Seed Scout known-donor friendly qualifications. These are recommended providers that The Seed Scout has vetted and previously worked with. These clinicians have been excellent advocates for patients having the option to use a known donor.

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Jana Rupnow
Jana Rupnow is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in infertility, adoption, and third-party reproduction counseling. She is an internationally-recognized fertility mental health expert and her work is informed by her personal and professional experiences in the field of reproductive health, aiming to support individuals and couples navigating the challenges of unique family building.

Growforth Family Building 

Kenzi Locks, LCSW, HWC, is the creator of Growforth Family Building. She has a decade of experience supporting diverse families as they grow. Family building coaching is centered on the belief that managing certain challenges as hopeful parents will create positive change for your future child. She can help you make decisions such as what path to take when you are unable to conceive naturally and counseling to get help in choosing your donor.


USDCC Resources Hub

The US donor-conceived community consists of individuals conceived through sperm, egg, or embryo donation, along with their families and supporters. This community seeks to address issues related to identity, genetic heritage, and connections with biological relatives, advocating for ethical practices in assisted reproductive technologies and access to information about biological origins.

Devin at Genetic Support Foundation

Devin Shuman received her Master’s degree in Genetic Counseling from the University of California, Irvine. She specializes in prenatal, pediatric, and adult genetics. As someone who is LGBT, she loves having the opportunity to work with The Seed Scout to help individuals understand the complicated world of genetics in simple terms and decide what is the right fit for their growing families.

Donor Dylan

Donor Dylan is a former sperm donor from Xytex with 96+ donor children in six countries, advocating for ethical reform in the donor conception industry, as well as for Donor-Conceived People (DCP), Recipient Parents (RPs), and gamete donors internationally.

DCP Data

DCPData is an easy-to-use dashboard for Donor-Conceived People and Recipient Parents to find and connect with genetic relatives, and get a fuller picture of important health information.

"Three Makes Baby" by Jana Rupnow

"Three Makes Baby" is a guide for parents of donor-conceived children, offering strategies for addressing identity, communication, and the child's genetic origins. Rupnow provides emotional support and practical advice to help families navigate their unique situations. The book emphasizes creating a secure, loving family environment while honoring the child's origins.

Uprooted by Peter J. Boni

"Uprooted" offers a deeply personal account of the complexities surrounding donor conception. By intertwining his personal experiences with extensive research into the early practices of donor insemination, the book sheds light on the often-undisclosed consequences of gamete distribution, highlighting the challenges, uncertainties, and emotional turmoil faced by individuals discovering their origins in this manner.


Insemination from Laura High

"Insemination" is a podcast hosted by comedian and donor conceived person, Laura High, which delves into the daunting realm of donor conception and the infertility industry. This unregulated, unethical multi-billion dollar industry, which High refers to as an "InsemiNATION," is critically examined as she aims to address and rectify its issues.

Three Makes Baby from Jana Rupnow

The "Three Makes Baby" podcast, hosted by fertility psychotherapist Jana Rupnow, explores the complexities and challenges of assisted reproductive technology (ART) in creating families. Through interviews with parents, donor-conceived individuals, and professionals, the podcast addresses the emotional tensions and ethical dilemmas encountered when "three makes baby," highlighting the nuanced experiences of families formed through Artificial Reproductive Technology.

The Single Greatest Choice from Katie B

"The Single Greatest Choice" podcast, hosted by Katie B, is tailored for women navigating singleness, fertility, motherhood, and the pivotal decisions surrounding these aspects. It serves as a supportive space for those wrestling with deviating from the traditional trajectory of love, marriage, and baby carriage, offering insights into alternative paths to motherhood and personal fulfillment

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