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An asian man who became a known sperm donor ethically through the Seed Scout.
A white man with a beard who became a known sperm donor.
A young black man who became a known donor through the Seed Scout.

Interested in Becoming a Seed Scout Donor?

At The Seed Scout, we ensure that our donors have a chance to approve their recipients. You should have a say over your genetics, and we want you to feel comfortable donating – we also want you to be fairly compensated! Donating through The Seed Scout is the ethical way to donate sperm. 

If you're interested in becoming a Seed Scout donor, please contact us. We would love to tell you about who we are, explain why you should consider donating with us, and introduce you to recipients who might be a good match.

  • - At sperm banks your donations could be sold to an unlimited number of families. With The Seed Scout, we will never match you with more than three families.


    - Up until very recently, men who have had sexual relationships with other men within the last five years are not permitted to donate to banks. With The Seed Scout, we have always been and will continue to always be inclusive of everyone.


    - Donors receive  ~$100 per donation at sperm banks. At The Seed Scout, donors are paid a minimum of $5000 per client.


    - With sperm banks, you don’t get to approve who you donate to. At The Seed Scout, we believe that you should have a decision in who your genetics go to. You get to meet the clients and ask them any questions that make you feel comfortable donating to them. This is a mutual matchmaking company and we want this to be a great experience for everyone involved!


    - Sperm banks are either anonymous or allow identification of the donor after 18 years of age. At The Seed Scout, donors receive annual updates about children from parents.


    - Sperm banks can disqualify donors for family medical history and personal characteristics such as height. At The Seed Scout, we don’t disqualify anyone from being a donor based on family medical history, height, sexual orientation, etc. However, if your blood test shows that you have an STI or HIV that could pass to a carrying intended parent or a child, or if you are under the age of 24, you would not be eligible to donate.

  • Client Matching & Donation Steps:


    - 2-way match with client

    - Genetic testing (spit test from home) for carrier gene screening

    - Semen analysis (at a clinic near you)

    - Legal agreement (you will have your own attorney paid for by the client)

    - Two psychological evaluations

    - 3-4 donations (including a blood test, physical exam, online form)

    - A second blood test is occasionally needed weeks-months later


    Payment: Donors receive a minimum of $5,000 per family, capped at up to 3 families (up to $15,000 total). You are paid at the time of donations, and after all steps are complete. Payments are made directly by the client and can be made using a payment app like Venmo or Paypal, or by check. Donations are a payment for your time and effort, not based on a successful pregnancy or how many children a client will potentially have.  A client is permitted to have as many children as they desire with the donations you provide.


    Duration of Process: From the time you are chosen as a donor through donations, the process can take from 2-4 months for each client. In total, we estimate that the process should take around 8-10 hours of your time. We do our best to give you options for appointments during non-working hours so that you don’t have to take any time off work and we try to locate clinics close to where you live so that you don’t have to travel very far.


    Legal Protection: Each client pays for you to have your own independent lawyer for the contract negotiation. That lawyer will ensure that you are adequately protected from owing any child support or other monetary payments in the future.

  • The Seed Scout clients consist of LGBTQIA+ couples, single parents by choice, and couples with male-factor infertility.

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