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6 Requirements to Be a Known Sperm Donor

Many ask us what requirements we have for our known donors. To summarize: we believe in non-discrimination.

We will never refuse a donor for their sexual orientation/gender identity, their ethnicity/background, their height, or their medical history. Ultimately, we believe in informed consent. Recipient parents are offered as much information as possible prior to making their decision. They are offered the opportunity to discuss family history of donors with a genetic counselor to better understand the inheritability of various conditions.

We do have a few necessary strict requirements as listed above in alignment with the FDA process. We perform background checks on donors to ensure there are no red flags. There is also a psychological consultation as part of the steps toward donation, which can sometimes raise concerns about a donor's fit as a donor.

Four Known Sperm Donors on a hike

6 Requirements to be a Known Seed Scout Donor

  • Be a kind human

  • Be open to connecting with donor conceived children

  • No male factor infertility

  • HIV Negative (FDA Requirement)

  • No active STIs

  • No red flags on the background check

3 Criteria that DO NOT disqualify you from being a Known Seed Scout Donor

  • Identifying as LGBTQIA+

  • Specific Medical History (We believe in informed consent, recipient parents are offered genetic counseling to review family medical history provided)

  • Specific height

Want to learn more about becoming a Known Sperm Donor through The Seed Scout?

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