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How to Choose a Known Donor Friendly Fertility Clinic

Before choosing a clinic, it’s important to ask the right questions! Some clinics have policies that make using a known donor extremely challenging and/or cost-prohibitive. We at the Seed Scout recommend doing your best to ensure that any fertility clinic you work with is supportive as you build your family.

So what should you look for to help ensure that your fertility clinic is known donor friendly?

  • Ensure the clinic offers options for known/directed donation.

The waiting room of a known donor friendly fertility clinic
  • Ensure the clinic does not require a six-month quarantine for sperm after donation.

  • Ensure the clinic will accept sperm from another fertility clinic that has been collected under the guidance of the FDA process.

  • Ensure the clinic has non-discriminatory policies for LGBTQIA+ clients and donors.

  • Ensure the clinic does not have their own strict definition of "known donor." For example, some mandate that must have known the donor for more than a year.

  • Ensure there are no additional clinic-specific hurdles aside from the typical steps within the FDA process.

We have a short list of clinics that meet our known donor-friendly qualifications that we are hopeful to expand on! If you are a fertility specialist and believe your clinic is known donor friendly, reach out and we will add you to our list!

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